Schedule a Pre-Season AC Tune-Up

Spring is here! It’s a welcome relief from a dreary winter but springtime is more than bunnies and budding flowers. The early spring is also the best time to schedule a pre-season AC tune-up.

The best time to give your AC system a check-up is before you need it. An abrupt change from the light (or non-existent) usage of the cooler months to the heavy use during the summer heat is hard on your system. It’s best to make sure all its working parts are well-oiled and ready to work while temperatures are a little milder.

A little preventative maintenance is never a bad idea! Regular care helps prevent major emergencies. Little problems become big problems if they’re left unattended for long. A little rust can be cleaned up without much effort or damage. However, let rust go too long on a critical part and you’ll be paying for parts and labor after your system stops working.

Tune-ups can mean different things to different contractors. Be sure to get the details of this service in writing before you schedule an appointment. Here are a few things that a tune-up might include:

  • Electrical system check
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Inspection and adjustment of wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Lubrication of moving parts like fan blades
  • Precision temperature measurement
  • Comprehensive cleaning of condenser coils
  • Coolant level and pressure check
  • Connection adjustments and tightening
  • Evaluation of blower and belt
  • Minor repairs (like re-taping duct joints)
  • Refrigerant refill
  • Filter change

Your technician should do more than a brief cleaning and topping off the refrigerant. This is a complex system that has a lot of moving parts. Without a thoughtful evaluation of the indoor unit, the outdoor unit and the connecting lines, you won’t get the improvement you need from a tune-up.

A pre-season tune-up will give you the peace of mind you want before the brutal summer heat descends. It may also improve your system’s efficiency and help lower your energy usage and costs. Many contractors offer maintenance plans that include an annual or bi-annual inspection and tune-up to help ensure your system is always running at peak performance. This vital service could be the difference between a minor repair and a major outage. Schedule yours before it’s too late.

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