HVAC Trends for 2016

We’ve been getting pretty excited about the advancements in the HVAC industry for the new year. Whether people realize it or not, it’s an industry that is constantly evolving and revolutionizing itself to increase efficiency and meet customer demands. There are several trends in store for us – and you – that may greatly impact how you heat and cool your home or business. Here’s what we know is coming in 2016:

“Smart” HVAC Systems

These days, it’s all about “smart” this and “smart” that. The same is true for HVAC systems. Technology has completely changed these systems, as we’ve seen already with smart thermostats and mobile/remote advancements. These areas are expected to see even more enhancements in 2016, along with more automated customer service processes.

Mobile Applications

Mobile technology is constantly being improved with software upgrades and other key features. In the area of HVAC, we’re expecting to see even more upgraded technology in the coming year. Both customers and contractors can plan on having better and more powerful applications to manage their HVAC systems. For installers, this technology can also help them do their jobs better, increasing productivity and efficiency, which will in turn pay off for the customer as well.

System and Installation Improvements

Manufacturers are expected to continue to make improvements to HVAC systems and their smaller components, primarily to improve efficiency and increase product longevity. In terms of installations, the growing number of newly built homes is driving up demand for HVAC installation, so service companies are seeking out better and faster ways to meet this demand. As mentioned in the previous section, mobile technology will play a large role in this.

At family-owned R&R Refrigeration, we stay abreast of changes and advancing technologies in the HVAC industry, and it shows in the services we provide.


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