Creating a More Efficient AC System

Your air conditioning system probably takes up a huge amount of your energy costs so it’s in your best interest to make certain that it’s running as efficiently as possible since an efficient AC system will use less energy. Below are some suggestions to help improve the efficiency of your AC system.

It’s important to have your thermostat set properly. See what temperature is comfortable and then set it at that threshold temperature. There is no reason to set your AC system higher in the summer or lower in the winter than it needs to be. Changing the temperature on your AC system by as little as five degrees can save you a good deal of money. You also might consider using a programmable thermostat. A good programmable can save you about $180.00 a year.

Do not use your major appliances during the hottest times of the day. Use them when it’s cooler so your AC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Close your blinds and drapes during the heat of the day. When the sun hits and goes through your windows it will increase the temperature of your home and will make your AC system work harder then it should.

Use ceiling fans to circulate cool air throughout the house.  You will be using less energy to keep your house cooler.

Keep your AC system clean by cleaning your outdoor condenser and indoor vents periodically. This will allow your system to work more efficiently. You also want to make certain that vents are not obstructed by pictures, furniture or other debris so that you maintain good air flow.

Hiring a professional and have them perform regular maintenance on your AC system at least once a year or twice a year for heavily used units. It will increase the efficiency of your system. Also, make certain that you have any problems with your AC system fixed as soon as they occur. Please call the experts at R&R Refrigeration for help with any problems, for routine maintenance or to help with creating a more efficient ac system.

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