Are Humidifiers Good to Have In Your House?

That dry indoor air tends to drive people crazy and can even lead to dry skin, dry eyes, and all sorts of sinus problems. Indoor air tends to be a bit overheated anyway, and your humidity level could be far lower than those ranges considered adequate. Many find a whole home humidifier to be the best possible solution, but is it really? Take a look.

  • Studies Have Shown It Can Improve Sinus Health: When the air is too dry, your sinuses just don’t function as they should, and many field experts have suggested that adding humidity to the air, as you might with a whole home humidifier, is the single best way to relieve regular suffering of congestion or sinusitis.
  • Better Skin May Be a Benefit: Dry skin comes from dry air, and if you sleep with a humidifier on throughout the night, you might find that you’re using far fewer moisturizers thanks to those added benefits. In fact, you’re likely to find that your hands and lips get a real boost from your whole home humidifier.
  • Get More Energy Efficient: Many have found that a humidifier can actually cause you to lose less energy. It may be able to help you feel a bit warmer at far lower temperatures than you would expect, and that means saving quite a bit on your traditional heating bills for a year. EPA estimates suggest you save 4% for every single degree you lower your thermostat, and that may equate to some far lower bills.

If you’re looking at whole home humidifiers, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you explore your options within your home and decide whether one is right for your situation. You can install a humidifier with a new or existing heating/cooling system. Learn more when you schedule an appointment with us now.

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