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Has your HVAC Contractor recommended an Air Scrubber Plus for your home?

Conducting research before you buy?

On this page you will find reviews, complaints, pricing information, details if the Air Scrubber Plus works, and other facts regarding the Air Scrubber Plus.

As HVAC contractors that have been in business since 1974, we have encountered, utilized, and experienced an innumerable amount of HVAC products. One of those many products is the Air Scrubber Plus.   Like most people, you have questions regarding this product.  Encompassing our years of experience, knowledge of the trade, and first hand familiarity, we are here to provide you with transparent information regarding the Air Scrubber Plus.

Let’s go ahead and jump right in…

What is the Air Scrubber Plus?

What is the air scrubber Plus

Air Scrubber Plus is a device which is engineered to improve the indoor air quality of an occupied space.  ActivTek Environmental is the company that manufactures the system.  The Air Scrubber Plus device is designed to be installed into an existing HVAC system and intended for use as a fully integrated whole home air purification system.

How does the Air Scrubber Plus Work?

The Air Scrubber Plus device uses the circulated air generated by a home’s HVAC system and passes it through a cell (which they call ActivePure) which produces molecules to kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

According to ActivTek Environmental, the technology the Air Scrubber Plus device employs was initially developed in cooperation with NASA. Since space missions require astronauts to harvest their own food, technology is required to help them grow fruits and vegetables. To prevent plants from aging prematurely, a device needed to be created to control ethylene gas.  Ethylene gas is naturally emitted from plants during the ripening process.  In an enclosed space, ethylene can induce decay. To preserve the harvest, an ethylene reduction device was created and utilized by pulling air through titanium dioxide coated tubes which surrounded a UV light.  When the gaseous air passed through this system, it was converted into trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide.  An additional discovery was made when this technology development was found to kill pathogens.

You can read more about the NASA Technology development here: https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2015/cg_7.html

Air Scrubber Plus Reviews

If you look for consumer reviews of this product on the internet, your search will likely not turn up many results.

Here is what we did…

When the product arrived on the market in 2013, we purchased an Air Scrubber Plus and decided to put it to the test.

Instead of installing the system in a home, we decided to build a small portable device using the Air Scrubber Plus system located inside.

We first fabricated a box made of sheet metal.  We installed a blower motor inside the box, added electrical to the unit, installed the Air Scrubber Plus, and added a regular vent which exhausted air outside of the box. This created a portable Air Scrubber.

The purpose of this fabrication was to validate the claims the Air Scrubber Plus stated it was capable of.

We then enlisted the help of an Indoor Air Quality expert (AZ Environmental Specialists) and a professional Mold Remediation company (Legendary Home Services).

A quick background note:   In a mold remediation project, it is common practice to hire an indoor air quality expert (IAQ) to test the air after you have cleaned and remediated the mold damage.  This IAQ expert uses swabs to test surfaces for traces of mold spores and an air testing kit, which draws air into a tube, which is then taken to a certified lab for testing.  The certified lab will test the swab and air sample for many different kinds of indoor air pollutants. This test, commonly known as a Post Microbial-Test, will indicate if the mold remediation project was successful.

We then had Legendary Home Services use our newly built box with the Air Scrubber Plus mounted inside.   During their projects, Legendary Home Services would allow our sheet metal box to run in the work areas during their demolition and mold clean-up.  After clean-up, they would then call the IAQ company to provide post microbial testing.

The results were very clear…

Using the Air Scrubber Plus in their projects not only improved the indoor air quality, but also helped them pass the post microbial testing.  After multiple job uses, Legendary Home Services determined the Air Scrubber Plus device worked better at improving indoor air quality in a mold contaminated area than a standard air scrubber device with pleated filters.

To take the testing even further, we installed a handful of Air Scrubber Plus units in our employees’ home’s. Before we installed the devices, we hired AZ Environmental Specialists to test the air quality pre-install. After a few days of running the Air Scrubber Plus, we had AZ Environmental Specialists back out for a post installation air test.

The results again were clear…

The Air Scrubber Plus reduced the amount of pollutants commonly found in most home’s.




As we can see from the above test results, the background debris rating went from “moderate” to “low.”  And the debris counts were significantly reduced.

Air Scrubber Plus Reviews

A few weeks after the installation, each employee reported a noticeable difference in the overall air quality of their home.

Does the Air Scrubber Plus Really Work?

Based upon our experience, our employees experience, our customers who have the Air Scrubber Plus device installed in their home, and the fact that Legendary Home Services still uses the sheet metal box to pass air tests, we confidently believe the Air Scrubber Plus does live up to their claims.

Where does the Air Scrubber Plus get installed?

An access is created in your existing ductwork.  The unit is typically mounted after your air handler inside your HVAC system.

What Does the Air Scrubber Plus Cost?

Currently, the Air Scrubber Plus can only be purchased from a licensed HVAC contractor.  The Air Scrubber Plus company and their distributors strictly prohibit HVAC contractors from listing pricing information online.  Due to their strict policy, we are unable to provide pricing through our website. However, if you are interested in pricing, give us a call at 480-900-2178, and we can discuss pricing with you over the phone.

Air Scrubber Plus Complaints

After 4 years of using the Air Scrubber Plus, we have run into a few complaints regarding the device.

Here are the complaints….

  1. The UV bulb inside the unit requires replacement every two years.  This means having your HVAC contractor come out and dismantle the unit to swap out the bulb.  While the cost for this is inexpensive, it still serves as an inconvenience for some.
  2. A few people have complained that although they notice an improvement with their allergies, they don’t notice a reduction in dust around their home.  While this complaint has never been substantiated by us, out of respect for our readers, we feel the need to be transparent and list the complaint here.
  3. The Air Scrubber Plus device is only effective when your HVAC is running.  When the cooling or heating shuts off, the fan (the fan in your HVAC) still needs to run to push air through the Air Scrubber Plus. This means you need to leave your fan running constantly if you want the Air Scrubber Plus to continuously clean the air in your home. Although this is a minor inconvenience to most, some see it as a deal breaker.

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